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    Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

    The core comprises a radiochemistry laboratory developing PET radiopharmaceuticals and an imaging and data analysis section that oversees scanning procedures and optimizes data acquisition and analysis.

  2. Core/Facility

    Yale Center for Research Computing

    We are a computational core with expertise in supporting high performance computing (HPC) and computationally dependent disciplines.

    Andrew Sherman and Lisa D’Angelo

    Primary contacts Interim Co-Executive Directors
  3. Core/Facility

    Science Hill Flow Cytometry Facility

    We offer flow cytometry services convenient to researchers working on Science Hill.

    Kenneth Nelson, PhD

    Primary contact
  4. Core/Facility

    Scientific Glassblowing Laboratory (Glass Shop)

    Our glassblowers work closely with researchers and other experts to create affordable standard catalog items, modifications of existing glassware, and new designs.


  5. Core/Facility

    Yale University Cleanroom

    The University Cleanroom provides a controlled environment that maintains intentionally low concentrations of pollutants to allow for uncontaminated scientific research.

    Yong Sun

    Primary contact Director
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    West Campus Analytical Core

    Our instruments help characterize and elucidate the structures of chemical and biophysical samples. We train researchers.

  7. Core/Facility

    West Campus Imaging Core

    We offer access to and training in the use of a variety of confocal and epifluorescence microscopes as well as light-sheet, laser microdissection, and atomic force microscopy.

  8. Core/Facility

    West Campus Materials Characterization Core

    We offer a variety of materials characterization tools, including spectroscopy, microscopy, and X-ray fluorescence and diffraction.

    Min Li, PhD

  9. Core/Facility

    Yale Institute for Nanoscience and Quantum Engineering (YINQE)

    We offer access to electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, and electron-beam lithography for students, postdocs, and faculty.

    Michael Rooks, PhD

    Primary contact Associate Director of Facilities Senior Research Scientist in Applied Physics
  10. Core/Facility

    Yale Plant Growth Facility

    The core consists of over 20,000 square feet of greenhouses, growth chambers and workspace for plant genetics, evolutionary biology, climate change, and other controlled-environment research.

    Christopher Bolick

    Primary contact Associate Director of Research, Marsh Botanical Gardens
  11. Core/Facility

    Yale Zebrafish Research Core

    The Yale Zebrafish Research Core (YZRC) is a centralized repository of zebrafish services with its own fish facility and experimental space.

    Andrew E. Prendergast, PhD

    Primary contact Scientific Director