Scientific Glassblowing Laboratory (Glass Shop)

Our glassblowers work closely with researchers and other experts to create affordable standard catalog items, modifications of existing glassware, and new designs.


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Hours & Location

Sterling Chemistry Lab, room 14

About the core

Maintained by the Department of Chemistry, the Scientific Glassblowing Laboratory (nicknamed the Glass Shop) is staffed by two glassblowers, Daryl Smith and Preston Smith.

Examples of our offerings include adapters, bubblers, bump traps, chromatography columns, condensers, dry-storage jars, filtration funnels, flasks, Kjeldahl traps, Schlenck ware, and vacuum traps. See our product page for more.

Equipment includes:

  • Two-stage vacuum system, 10 Torr range
  • Tip off of apparatus and NMR tube samples, back fill also available
  • Annealing ovens to 1400 degrees Celsius


Primary contact

Faculty Director

Patrick Vaccaro, PhD Professor of Chemistry