Cores equipment

Research Cores

Discover state-of-the-art scientific instruments and services for your research.

From spectrophotometry to microscopy to high-throughput arrays, Yale’s Research Cores provide researchers access to state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation with the intent to help push scientific research to the cutting edge. Each Core employs highly trained staff that may provide training and assistance with use of instrumentation as well as aid in experimental design. 

To learn more about the capabilities and instrumentation available in any of the Cores, please visit their website and be in touch with the Core’s primary contact. You can search the Cores directory for the particular service or instrument you're looking for.

The Yale Cores Program is implementing a university-wide core management software, PPMS. This software will allow users to centrally access cores in one convenient location, making for a more cohesive research experience.

External users

Many of Yale’s core services and instrumentation are available to external academic, industrial and government researchers. The Cores Directory provides the ability to screen cores that have such services available. Please contact the individual core for more information on available services and onboarding procedures.

Cores administration

Smiling light-skinned man in dark-rimmed glasses wearing a suit and tie

Ben Myers

Director of Cores, Central and West Campus

Smiling light-skinned man with short silver beard

Joseph Salemme

Program Manager

Directors of Finance

Smiling light-skinned woman with long dark hair and a black scoopneck top

Meghan Dahlmeyer

Director of Finance, West Campus Cores

Smiling light-skinned man with salt-and-pepper beard, dark hair, lilac shirt, suit jacket, and tie

Paul Greeley

Director of Finance, YSM Cores

Fair-skinned man with gray hair, goatee, and mustache wearing a white shirt, dark jacket, red tie, and glasses

Harley Pretty

Director of Finance, Central Cores