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  1. Core/Facility

    Comparative Pathology Research Core

    We offer pathology support for animal-based studies, including histopathology, necropsy, and microbiology as well as assistance with study design.

    Carmen Jane Booth, DVM, PhD

    Primary contact Director
  2. Core/Facility

    Confocal Microscopy at CCMI

    We offer confocal microscopy, two-photon microscopy, light-sheet microscopy, swept-field microscopy, and super-resolution imaging services.

    Michael H. Nathanson, MD, PhD

    Primary contact Director
  3. Core/Facility

    Yale CryoEM Resource

    The Yale CryoEM Resource comprises electron microscopes on all 3 campuses: a Titan Krios on West Campus, a Glacios and a Tecnai T12 at Yale School of Medicine, and a Glacios and a Talos L120C on Science Hill.

    Jianfeng Lin, PhD

    Primary contact Managing Director
  4. Core/Facility

    CyTOF Facility

    The CyTOF 2 facility houses a time-of-flight atomic mass spectrometer for the high-speed acquisition of highly multi-parametric single-cell data.

    Ruth R. Montgomery, PhD

    Primary contact Director
  5. Core/Facility

    Yale University Cytogenetics Laboratory

    The core provides testing for cancer predisposition, metabolic and developmental disorders.

  6. Core/Facility

    Keck DNA Sequencing Facility

    We provide competitive, efficient, cost-effective, and timely DNA sequencing.

    Jaime Heltke, MS

  7. Core/Facility

    Earth Materials Characterization Center (EMC2)

    We offer materials physics equipment including microscopy, spectroscopy, deformation tools, and sample-prep tools for sample characterization work.

    Jennifer Girard, PhD

    Primary contact Senior Research Scientist
  8. Core/Facility

    Electron Microscopy Facility at CCMI

    The Electron Microscopy Facility at the Center for Cellular and Molecular Imaging (CCMI) provides investigators with a wide range of electron microscopy services.

    Xinran Liu, MD, PhD

    Primary contact Director
  9. Core/Facility

    FIB-SEM Collaboration Core (F-SCC)

    We utilize unparalleled enhanced FIB-SEM pipeline to generate large-volume three-dimensional electron microscopy data with nanometer isotropic resolution. Such data reveal critical insights about structure-function relationships in biology.

    Song Pang

    Director Primary contact
  10. Core/Facility

    Yale Flow Cytometry Facility

    We offer training for and access to flow cytometry analyzers and staff-assisted cell sorting at our four locations.

    Lesley Devine, PhD

    Primary contact Facility Manager
  11. Core/Facility

    West Campus Flow Cytometry Facility

    We offer training for and access to flow cytometry analyzers and cell sorters.

    Fiona Fenteany, PhD

    Primary contact
  12. Core/Facility

    Yale Genome Editing Center

    We create genetically engineered mice via CRISPR/Cas, gene targeting via homologous recombination in ES cells, and traditional transgenic technology. We also cryopreserve mouse sperm and embryos.

    Timothy Nottoli, PhD

    Primary contact Co-Director Research Scientist in Comparative Medicine