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    Comparative Pathology Research Core

    We offer pathology support for animal-based studies, including histopathology, necropsy, and microbiology as well as assistance with study design.

    Carmen Jane Booth, DVM, PhD

    Primary contact Director
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    Microscopic image of tissue at various magnifications

    Confocal Microscopy at CCMI

    We offer confocal microscopy, two-photon microscopy, light-sheet microscopy, swept-field microscopy, and super-resolution imaging services.

    Michael H. Nathanson, MD, PhD

    Primary contact Director
  3. Core/Facility

    Yale CryoEM Resource

    The Yale CryoEM Resource comprises electron microscopes on all 3 campuses: a Titan Krios on West Campus, a Glacios and a Tecnai T12 at Yale School of Medicine, and a Glacios and a Talos L120C on Science Hill.

    Jianfeng Lin, PhD

    Primary contact Managing Director
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    Person standing before a scientific apparatus

    CyTOF Facility

    The CyTOF 2 facility houses a time-of-flight atomic mass spectrometer for the high-speed acquisition of highly multi-parametric single-cell data.

    Ruth R. Montgomery, PhD

    Primary contact Director
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    Yale University Cytogenetics Laboratory

    The core provides testing for cancer predisposition, metabolic and developmental disorders.

  6. Core/Facility

    Keck DNA Sequencing Facility

    Keck DNA Sequencing provides Sanger sequencing and other services, with costs starting as low as $1.99/well and $3.50/tube submission. Sequencing is performed using Thermo Fisher technologies.

    Jaime Heltke, MS

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    Earth Materials Characterization Center (EMC2)

    We offer materials physics equipment including microscopy, spectroscopy, deformation tools, and sample-prep tools for sample characterization work.

    Jennifer Girard, PhD

    Primary contact Senior Research Scientist
  8. Core/Facility

    Electron Microscopy Facility at CCMI

    The Electron Microscopy Facility at the Center for Cellular and Molecular Imaging (CCMI) provides investigators with a wide range of electron microscopy services.

    Xinran Liu, MD, PhD

    Primary contact Director
  9. Core/Facility
    Custom titanium mini dual slider alongside a quarter for scale

    YSM Electronic & Machine Shop

    We offer custom design, fabrication, and repair services at the Yale School of Medicine as well as tools for loan. We build prototype devices for medical research.

    Anthony DeSimone

    Primary contact
  10. Core/Facility

    Cores pages FAQ for directors

    Learn to create and edit your core's website on Research at Yale. This page is both a FAQ and a demonstration.

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    FIB-SEM Collaboration Core (F-SCC)

    We utilize unparalleled enhanced FIB-SEM pipeline to generate large-volume three-dimensional electron microscopy data with nanometer isotropic resolution. Such data reveal critical insights about structure-function relationships in biology.

    Song Pang

    Director Primary contact
  12. Core/Facility

    Yale Flow Cytometry Facility

    Our objective is to offer a comprehensive range of services for flow cytometric analysis and sorting, encompassing instrumentation, technical assistance, training, and consultation throughout Yale School of Medicine.

    Lesley Devine, PhD

    Primary contact Facility Manager