Confocal Microscopy at CCMI

We offer confocal microscopy, two-photon microscopy, light-sheet microscopy, swept-field microscopy, and super-resolution imaging services.

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Michael H. Nathanson, MD, PhD

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Sterling Hall of Medicine, room IE-25

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Confocal microscopy enables the visualization and imaging of fixed as well as living cells and tissues that contain fluorescent probes (fluorescent antibodies, fluorescent proteins, dyes, and substrates). This technique allows sharply defined optical sections to be collected, from which three-dimensional rendering and movies can be created.

Our facility offers confocal microscopy, two-photon microscopy, light sheet microscopy, swept-field microscopy, and super-resolution imaging services to Yale investigators. It provides access to and training in the use of all microscopes, related equipment, and image workstations.

Equipment and services

In addition, 4 image workstations are available dedicated to image analysis. Software from Zeiss (ZEN black and blue), Leica (LAS X), Bitplane (Imaris), and SVI (Huygens Deconvolution) are available to users for post-acquisition image analysis, which include modules for fluorescence deconvolution, 3D rendering, measurements of time-lapse data and fluorescence co-localization.

Technical expertise is available to aid in the use of the equipment and image analysis software.


Primary contact

Michael H. Nathanson, MD, PhD Director Gladys Phillips Crofoot Professor of Medicine and Professor of Cell Biology

Technical Director

Al Mennone Research Associate of Internal Medicine/Section of Digestive Diseases