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Bruker Opterra II swept-field microscope

Bruker Opterra II swept-field microscope

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Michael H. Nathanson, MD, PhD

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Sterling Hall of Medicine, room IE-25

About the Bruker Opterra II swept-field microscope

The Bruker Opterra II swept-field microscope can collect images as quickly as 500 fps and is particularly useful for live-cell imaging. The microscope uses one-dimensional pinhole arrays or slits for increased acquisition rate while maintaining confocal resolution and elimination of crosstalk, a common problem associated with spinning-disk confocals. A pair of EMCCD cameras enable 2-color simultaneous imaging, allowing the fast acquisition rate. The camera's sensitivity ensures minimized photobleaching and phototoxicity in live cells and embryos.

The system is equipped with a live-cell incubation chamber for control of temperature, humidity and CO2. Additionally, the microscope has a photo activation module with 405 nm and 488 nm lasers.




ServiceYale FacultyNon-Yale Users
Microscopes$60/hr$120/hr for for-profit; $75/hr for non-profit
Workstations$5/hr$7/hr for both for-profit and non-profit