Brain Imaging Center (BIC)

We offer 3T MRI, custom AV switching and streaming, and powerful neuroinformatics and computing infrastructure to support human neuroscience research, training, and teaching.

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Richard Watts, PhD

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Dunham Laboratory

About the core

The Brain Imaging Center (BIC) was created to promote and facilitate cutting-edge and interdisciplinary human neuroscience research, training, and teaching.


Our complete suite of instruments for brain imaging includes:

  • A Siemens 3T Prisma MRI scanner with 128-channel capacity, 64/32/20 channel head coils, 80 mT/m max gradient amplitude, 200 T/m/s slew rate, full neuro sequences (e.g., SMS multiband, advanced diffusion, quiet suite, real-time).
  • Two PST Hyperion projectors (rear screen, bore ceiling).
  • An Optoacoustics OptoACTIVE communication system with noise-cancelling headphones and microphone for audio stimulation during MRI.
  • An Avotec Silent Scan communication system, which offers noise-free communication during MRI.
  • A Current Designs 932 electronic interface and power supply, for use with fiber-optic pointing devices and the following response boxes:
  • SR Research EyeLink 1000 Plus , a customizable video-based eye tracker that samples binocularly at up to 2000 Hz. It can integrate with EEG, fMRI, MEG, ECoG, and other devices.
  • Physiological monitoring with BIOPAC EDA (electrodermal activity), an amplifier that allows measurement of skin conductance level and skin conductance response during MRI.
  • An AV system comprising a rack-based Crestron NVX switching platform with touchscreen controls and full mapping flexibility between sources and destinations.
  • Open-source XNAT bioinformatics software platform.

The Siemens computer that controls the scanner is plugged into Yale’s high-speed fiber Science network, with a direct connection to our offsite HIPAA-aligned high-performance computing cluster, Milgram, supported by the Yale Center for Research Computing.


Primary contact

Richard Watts, PhD Director

Faculty Director

Nick Turk-Browne, PhD Professor, Department of Psychology