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    Helios G4 UX DualBeam System

    Aberration-Corrected Electron Microscopy (ACEM) Core

    Our core's focus is cutting-edge and high-throughput capability in electron microscopy techniques, including TEM, SEM, and FIB. 

    Primary contact

    Shize Yang, PhD
  2. Core/Facility
    Red light image of a laser

    Advanced Prototyping Center at Wright Lab

    The Advanced Prototyping Center is a fabrication and design support facility to help Yale researchers with custom instrumentation.

    James A. Nikkel, PhD

    Primary contact Supervisor
  3. Core/Facility

    Yale Analytical and Stable Isotope Center (YASIC)

    Our analytical services include measurements of stable and radiocarbon isotopes, cations, anions, greenhouse gases, natural γ-radiation, mercury, and nutrients in water or soil extracts.

    Brad Erkkila

    Primary contact Director
  4. Core/Facility

    Keck Bioinformatics Resource

    The Bioinformatics Resource offers software support; consultation on DNA/protein sequence, microarray, protein structure, and pathway analysis; and collaboration.

  5. Core/Facility

    Keck Biophysical Resource

    We offer resources to study the oligomeric state of biomolecular assemblies as well as the thermodynamics and kinetics of macromolecular interactions.

    Ewa Folta-Stogniew, PhD, MSc

    Primary contact Director
  6. Core/Facility

    Keck Biostatistics Resource

    We offer consultation related to statistical and computational analysis of various types of biological and biomedical data, such as gene expression, genotyping, mass spectrometry, and next-generation sequencing.

    Hongyu Zhao, PhD

    Primary contact Director
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    Oblique view of an MRI machine


    BrainWorks offers safe and repeatable technologies to researchers for cutting-edge studies of human brain function. 

    General inquiries

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    The Chemical and Biophysical Instrumentation Center (CBIC) offers NMR spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, mass spectrometry, and other instruments to characterize and structurally elucidate chemical and biophysical samples.

    Eric Paulson, PhD

    Primary contact Director
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    illustration of genetic code with double helix and base symbols

    Yale Center for Genome Analysis (YCGA)

    The Yale Center for Genome Analysis is a full-service facility dedicated to providing RNA expression profiling, DNA genotyping, and high-throughput sequencing using state-of-the-art technologies.

    Primary contact

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    Image of fluorescently tagged cells

    Yale Center for Molecular Discovery

    We provide resources for assay development and high-throughput screening with small molecules and arrayed siRNA and sgRNA/CRISPR libraries in biochemical, cell-based and image-based assays (primarily 384-well format).

    Yulia Surovtseva, PhD

    Primary contact Director
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    Two masked people in white coats point at a screen in a lab

    Chemical Metabolism Core

    The Chemical Metabolism Core provides resources for measuring islet function, oxygen consumption, and cellular metabolic flux.

    Rebecca Cardone, MS

    Primary contact Co-Director
  12. Core/Facility
    Wet lab fume hoods

    West Campus Cleanroom

    The cleanroom includes 1200 square feet of wet and dry clean laboratories rated at Class 1000, with features standard to most cleanrooms.

    Lei Wang, PhD

    Primary contact Research Support Specialist