Chemical Metabolism Core

The Chemical Metabolism Core provides resources for measuring islet function, oxygen consumption, and cellular metabolic flux.

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Rebecca Cardone, MS

Primary contact Co-Director

About the core

Previously called the Islet, Oxygen consumption, Mass Isotopomer flux Core (IOMIC), the Chemical Metabolism Core measures islet function, oxygen consumption, and cellular metabolic flux. Services include study assistance and data analysis.


Islet isolation and function

  • Rodent islet isolation (single and multiple)
  • Human or rodent islet study
    • Intact islet perfusion study
    • Islet reaggregate dynamic static incubation study for hormone secretion

Metabolic flux and enrichment studies using MIMOSA (mass isotopomer multiordinate spectral analysis)

  • Steady-state measurements of mitochondrial metabolism

Global metabolomics and integrative -omics (IntOmics)

  • 4-mode and 2-mode metabolomics

Seahorse XF analyzer

  • Real-time live-cell measurement of mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis
  • Cellular respiration, oxidative phosphorylation, motility, and transport pathways


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Primary contact

Rebecca Cardone Co-Director

Faculty Director

Richard Kibbey, MD, PhD Associate Professor of Medicine