Instrument/Equipment Core/Facility: Yale University Cleanroom

Back-end processing

The cleanroom offers tools for the back-end processing of device fabrication, including a critical-point dryer and scribing and dicing tools, as well as lapping and polishing tools.

Available to Yale researchers & external researchers

Yong Sun

Hours & Location

Becton Engineering and Applied Science Center, 5th floor

About the instruments

Before and after vacuum processing steps, samples often require bulk physical modification, separation from the wafer, and other post-processing steps. With proper handling and appropriate equipment selection, damage can be kept to a minimum during these steps, improving device functionality and yield.

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Critical Point Dryer

From Wikipedia: Supercritical drying, also known as critical point drying, is a process to remove liquid in a precise and controlled way. It is useful in the production of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), the drying of spices, the production of aerogel, the decaffeination of coffee, and in the preparation of biological specimens for scanning electron microscopy.

  • Tool owner: Yong Sun
  • Internal rate: Included with cleanroom access

LatticeGear Scribing Tools

Yale owns a full suite of LatticeGear scribing tools, a quick and clean alternative to full-wafer dicing.

For everyday scribing, the LatticeGear FlexScribe is a straightforward solution. For cleaves where the backside of the wafer needs to be protected, consider the FlipScribe. For cleaves where precision is important, the best solution is likely the microscope-enhanced LatticeAx.

  • Tool owner: Yong Sun
  • Internal rate: Included with cleanroom access