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The university offers a wide range of resources to support its researchers and their ambitions. A comprehensive list of these research-related resources is available and searchable in the directory below.

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  1. I

    1. Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS) Data Archive

      • Faculty Resources
      • Research Administration & Collaboration

      The ISPS Data Archive consists primarily of social science research based on experiments. The Archive is organized by study and includes the data, analysis code, requisite documentation, and other associated materials. Access is provided at no cost and is granted for scholarship and research purposes only.

    2. Financial information, including payment addresses, rate agreements, and more.

    3. Instrumentation at Yale

      • Faculty Resources

      Yale University supports a wide variety of state-of-the art core instrumentation and engineering facilities to support innovative research.

    4. Internal Awards

      • Funding, Awards & Grants

      There are many opportunities for support within Yale University, which may include funding for pilot and feasibility studies, postdoctoral fellowships, junior faculty career development, and use of imaging and other core facilities.

    5. Contracts, IRB, and more.

  2. L

    1. Library Policies

      • Policies & Regulations

      Access, patron records confidentiality, use of library spaces, and more.

    2. Library: Use of Materials

      • Policies & Regulations

      Use of materials at the library.

  3. M

    1. Map of Life

      • Faculty Resources

      Map of Life aims to support effective and global biodiversity education, monitoring, research and decision-making by assembling and integrating a wide range of knowledge about species distributions and their dynamics over time.

    2. Medical Image Processing and Analysis Group (IPAG)

      • Faculty Resources
      • Research Administration & Collaboration

      The emphasis of the Image Processing and Analysis Group (IPAG) from the outset has been to bridge areas of general image processing and computer vision with medical-imaging-specific knowledge.

    3. The sponsoring faculty member must follow all relevant safety and compliance requirements, and adhere to the approved supervisory plan.

  4. N

    1. The NIH Public Access Policy ensures that the public has access to the published results of NIH-funded research.

  5. O

    1. Office of General Counsel

      • Faculty Resources

      The Office of General Counsel (OGC) provides legal counsel, representation, and oversight of work on the wide range of legal matters affecting Yale University and its component organizations.

    2. Office of New Haven Affairs

      • Faculty Resources

      Working with other University departments and our neighbors in New Haven, the Office of New Haven Affairs (OHNA) spearheads Yale’s partnerships to strengthen New Haven through fostering economic development, revitalizing neighborhoods, supporting public school and youth programs, and creating a vital downtown.

    3. Welcome The Office of Public Affairs & Communications (OPAC) works with school and departmental communications and media colleagues to promote the institution and to tell the many stories of Yale. We provide communications services to faculty and staff and connect the media with our faculty.

    4. Office of Research Administration (ORA)

      • Research Administration & Collaboration

      ORA is dedicated to assisting faculty and business administrators in the administration of sponsored awards. Please take advantage of the numerous services and resources listed here or contact us with questions!