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Nucleic acid isolation and assessment

DNA/RNA isolation services for a large variety of sample types, including saliva, blood, fresh/frozen or FFPE tissue, and cultured cells.

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About the service

Keck Microarray Shared Resource (KMSR) offers DNA/RNA isolation services for a large variety of sample types, including saliva, blood, fresh/frozen or FFPE tissue, and cultured cells, using the following instruments:

  • PerkinElmer Chemagic 360
  • Promega HSM System
  • KingFisher Apex System

Proper quantitation and size analysis of RNA and DNA samples prior to downstream processing provides useful insight into sample quality, purity, and integrity which can help ensure high quality data and improved reproducibility. KMSR provides nucleic acid assessment services to quantify and determine purity and size of RNA and DNA. The quality assessment (QA) service is supported with a variety of measurement instruments, including several UV spectrophotometers, a plate reader, a fluorimeter and state-of-the-art Bioanalyzer systems including the Agilent 2100 and TapeStation 4200.

Sample submission



Sample submission

Before submitting samples to the KMSR core laboratory, please contact for project specifications. The KMSR team is available to share their experience on working with multiple sample types and provide guidance on the specifics of optimal sample preparation for your study.

Please do not deliver or ship samples without first contacting KMSR staff to set up a delivery time.

Complete the service request form and submit request for KMSR services through our online sample submission and tracking system: KMSR PPMS. After service order is received and approved by core staff, prepare samples and deliver/ship to the core lab as described below.

  • Nucleic Acid Isolation and Assessment Service Request Form

Samples can be dropped off at our campus locations:

Tuesday and Thursday: 300 George Street, room 2127
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 300 Cedar Street (The Anlyan Center [TAC]), room S352

  • Samples are picked up at 8 AM.
  • Please complete the sample submission form and place a hard copy in a Ziploc bag along with your samples.
  • Shipping information: Please send tracking information to

Yale Center for Genome Analysis 
Keck Microarray Shared Resource 
ATTN: Guilin Wang/Evelyn Ng 
830 West Campus Dr. 
West Haven, CT 06516 


ServicesYale userNon-Yale user
DNA extraction: tissue/buccal swab/blood/saliva$33$46
DNA extraction: FFPE$50$72
HWM DNA extraction: cells$65$94
RNA isolation: tissue/blood/cell$43$61
RNA isolation: FFPE$54$78