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Stellaris 8 DIVE Multiphoton Microscope

Stellaris 8 DIVE Multiphoton Microscope

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Michael H. Nathanson, MD, PhD

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Sterling Hall of Medicine Building, room IE-25

About the Stellaris 8

The Stellaris 8 DIVE is an inverted scanning confocal microscope equipped with a 405 nm and a white-light laser which is tunable between 440 nm and 790 nm. Together with the 4 PowerHyD detectors, this increased range and sensitivity allows for the imaging of additional dyes in the far-red wavelengths. These new-generation detectors are able to gather fluorescence lifetime information (Tao Sense), which is useful for dye separation as well as background removal.

This microscope is adapted to examine both fixed and live specimens with a temperature and CO2-controlled incubation chamber stage insert.

This system is also equipped for multiphoton fluorescence imaging with a Spectra Physics MaiTai laser. Multiphoton imaging is particularly useful for imaging of fluorescence deep into tissues (up to 200 micrometers) with bleaching limited to focal planes. The output wavelength of the MaiTai is tunable from ~700-1020 nm.


ServiceYale FacultyNon-Yale Users
Microscopes$60/hr$120/hr for for-profit; $75/hr for non-profit
Workstations$5/hr$7/hr for both for-profit and non-profit