VPR announcement - Updates on Phase 3 EHS Integrator Registration

September 3, 2020
Vice Provost for Research Michael Crair provided updates on Phase 3 EHS integrator registration for Yale’s research reactivation.

VPR Announcement - Laboratory Safety Plans in EHS Integrator

August 26, 2020
Vice Provost for Research Mike Crair and Dean for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Lynn Cooley provided instructions for graduate students, postgrads and postdocs on how to access laboratory safety plans in EHS Integrator.

Announcement - COVID-19 Voluntary Asymptomatic Screening for Faculty and Staff

August 26, 2020
Madeline Wilson, Chief Quality Officer and Chair, Yale Covid Testing and Tracing Committee, provided information on voluntary asymptomatic COVID-19 gateway testing to faculty, staff, and postdocs who will be returning to work on campus for the fall semester.

Provost Announcement - Research Reactivation Phase 3

August 18, 2020
Vice Provost for Research Michael Crair anounced Phase 3 of Yale’s Research Reactivation, which starts on August 24th. Phase 3 will have similar restrictions on research as Phase 2, although certain undergraduates, new graduate students and long-term visitors are eligible to perform on-campus research if they are part of an approved COVID-19 safety protocol.

Provost Announcement - Start of the Academic Year and Community Expectations for Staff

August 18, 2020
Provost Scott Strobel and Senior Vice President Jack Callahan laid out staff expectations at the beginning of the academic year.

Provost Announcement - Updated Postdoc and Postgrad Trainee Appointment Guidance

July 29, 2020
Vice Provost for Research Michael Crair and Associate Provost for Research Lisa D’Angelo provided updated guidance about postdoc and postgrad associates and fellows that have upcoming start dates, or that faculty may be planning to hire to begin work in the coming months.

Deans Chun and Gendler Announcement - Policy change: Employment and research limited to students enrolled in residence

July 17, 2020
Dean Marvin Chun and Dean Tamar Gendler announced a policy change to undergraduate employment and research effective for the fall term.