O.C. Marsh Lecture Hall

June 14, 2017
The first gift for the Yale Science Building has been made by Edward P. Bass ’67. The $10 million leadership gift is in honor of Othniel Charles (O.C.) Marsh, a pioneering professor of vertebrate paleontology at Yale and one of the founding figures of Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History. The O.C. Marsh Lecture Hall will be the largest on campus, includes generous, multifunctional lobby space, and be adjacent to a spacious pavilion that is expected to be a magnet for students and faculty engaged in study and informal interactions.

Yale Affirms Commitment to Progress on Climate Change

June 6, 2017
President Peter Salovey announced on June 5 that Yale has joined with 11 other major research universities in affirming their commitment to the concerted action, consistent with the Paris Agreement, needed to address the grave challenge of climate change.   “Yale remains steadfast in its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and curb climate change—among the gravest challenges our world faces in the 21st century,” Salovey stated in a message. “Yale is dedicated to pursuing these goals through outstanding research, scholarship, and teaching. Furthermore, we will continue our efforts to build a sustainable, environmentally responsible campus that is a model for other communities.”

Krios Microscope: Tuned Up and Ready to Go

May 19, 2017
The Krios electron cryo-microscope is a powerful and flexible microscope for 2D and 3D characterization of biological samples. Watch the video via the West Campus website.

Data Science at Yale

March 6, 2017
Yale has transformed its Department of Statistics into a Department of Statistics and Data Science — called, informally, DS squared or DS2 — making it one of the first institutions of higher learning to have a department of this kind.

Celebrating the History of Gibbs Lab and the Future of Science at Yale

February 23, 2017
Yale saluted its scientific legacy and looked ahead to a new era of research and discovery during a Feb. 21 ceremony to mark the demolition of J.W. Gibbs Laboratories on Science Hill. The event included a ceremonial ribbon cutting led by Salovey, with Provost Benjamin Polak, Deputy Provost for Research Steve Girvin, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Tamar Gendler, Dean of the School of Medicine Dr. Robert Alpern, and Dean of the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies Indy Burke.