Centers & Institutes

Yale is home to a number of renowned research centers and institutes. Those listed below fall under the direct purview of the Provost's Office. An additional comprehensive list of Centers & Institutes at Yale is also available.

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  1. Q

    1. Yale Quantum Institute (YQI)

      • Sciences & Engineering

      YQI serves as a forum to bring together experimental and theoretical researchers in quantum information physics, quantum control, quantum measurement, and quantum many-body physics.

  2. S

    1. Systems Biology Institute

      • Sciences & Engineering

      The Systems Biology Institute focuses on complex interactions in biological systems and characterizes the organizational principles that unite living systems.

  3. W

    1. Wu Tsai Institute

      • Medical & Health Sciences
      • Sciences & Engineering

      The Wu Tsai Institute is an interdisciplinary research endeavor at Yale University connecting neuroscience and data science to accelerate breakthroughs in understanding cognition.