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QuantumCT funding opportunities

Find your next source of support for quantum research

By sharing these resources we hope to encourage:

  • Grant submissions, particularly in 2024
  • Cross-institution applications, not only among UConn and Yale, but also with other schools and colleges in CT, especially minority-serving institutions
  • Submissions for projects whose education and workforce development component may be provided by partnering with the QuantumCT workforce and education team
  • Submissions for the development of education materials with a quantum science theme that can be facilitated by partnering with a QuantumCT research team

We strongly encourage faculty with a research interest in quantum and quantum-adjacent technologies to consider applying.  A full list of available grant opportunities is available. Please contact FRMS regarding your intent to apply and cc the Office of Research Development (

Information about quantum education and workforce initiatives that may align with your proposal, including at Yale, UConn, and other Connecticut and minority-serving institutions, is available at QuantumCT.


Are you affiliated with an historically Black college or university (HBCU)? Are you interested in collaborating with HBCU researchers? Learn about grants, fellowships, and faculty collaboration opportunities through Yale's ASCEND initiative with HBCUs across the country. Individuals with a keen interest in quantum technologies are urged to apply.

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Workforce & education grants

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Due date




NSFVariable VariableFaculty
NSFMarch & September,
depending on track
Experiential Learning for Emerging and Novel Technologies (ExLENT)≤$1M over 3 yearsOpen
DOEMarch 15, 2024 &
June 15, 2024
Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) Partnership Program Consortia Grant Program$500K to $5M over 5 yearsMSIs
DODWhite paper: April 5, 2024
Invited full application: August 30, 2024
Navy STEM Education and Workforce Program≤$600K over 3 yearsSee grant
NSFPhase 1: April 8, 2024;
Phase 2: April 22, 2024
Responsible Design, Development, and Deployment of Technologies (ReDDDoT)$75K to $1.5MOpen
NSF April 11, 2024; 
January 13, 2025
Future ManufacturingSeed: ≤$500K x 2 years;
research: ≤$3M x 4 years
NSFApril 22, 2024Innovations in Graduate Education (IGE) ProgramTrack 1: ≤$500K over 3 years;
track 2: ≤$1M over 5 years
STEM graduate students
NavyJune 8, 2024C4ISR, Information Operations, Cyberspace Operations and Information Technology System Research, Cryogenics & QuantumSee grantOpen
NSFPrelim: June 27, 2024;
full proposal: January 21, 2025
Enabling Partnerships to Increase Innovation Capacity (EPIIC)≤$400K over 3 yearsSome IHEs
NSFJanuary & July,
depending on track
Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Directorate for STEM Education (IUSE: EDU)$400K to $2MUndergraduates
NSFAugust 9, 2024Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST)$100K to $5MK-12 students
NSFAugust 21, 2024Research Experience for Undergraduates~$150K/y x 3 yearsUndergraduates
NSFAugust 28, 2024Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI Program)$200K to $3MUndergraduates
NSF October 8, 2024Racial Equity in STEM Education (EDU Racial Equity)≤$5M over 5 yearsOpen
NSFOctober 9, 2024Research Experiences for Teachers in Engineering and Computer Science$200K/y x 3 yearsK-14 educators
NSFOctober 22, 2024Eddie Bernice Johnson Inclusion across the Nation of Communities of Learners of Underrepresented Discoverers in Engineering and Science (INCLUDES) InitiativeSee grantOpen
NSFNovember 20, 2024Broadening Participation in Engineering$50K to $1.2MSee grant
NSFDecember 11, 2024IUSE: Innovation in Two-Year College STEM Education (ITYC)$500K over 4 years2-year colleges
NSFJanuary 16, 2025Strengthening the Cyberinfrastructure Professionals EcosystemSee grantProfessional workforce development
NSFJanuary 16, 2025Training-based Workforce Development for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (CyberTraining)$300K to $1MUndergraduate and graduate
DODApril 30, 2026LPS Qubit Collaboratory (LQC)Depends on trackSee grant 
EDARollingPublic Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance ProgramsSee grantSee grant