VPR Announcement - Call for Contributions to Yale's COVID-19 Mapping Project

Vice Provost for Resarch Michael Crair invited contributions to Yale’s COVID-19 mapping project.

Dear Colleagues of the Yale Community,
Across Yale and around the world, researchers are engaged in research and innovation to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of Yale’s contributions to this effort are summarized in the Research, Clinical & Data Driven Responses to COVID-19 website. This project includes geospatial maps to visualize large data sets in unique ways. The goal is to provide insight into the virus, how it spreads, and its impact, so that we can help inform coordinated responses to the pandemic.

In order to contribute more broadly to global efforts and to leverage expertise at Yale fully, a team of faculty, communications, and Yale library staff are soliciting data and ideas that can be incorporated into the mapping project. The team is specifically seeking project proposals that have original data sets or make use of public data sets to illustrate ideas that would benefit the larger community fighting to end the coronavirus outbreak.

To learn more about this project and submit a proposal, click here. I encourage you to make the most of this opportunity to collaborate and share insights to help end this global health crisis.


Michael C. Crair, PhD
Vice Provost for Research

For current information and university guidance related to the pandemic, please see Yale’s COVID-19 site.

Distribution:    All Faculty