University Science Strategy Committee Report

In 2016, President Peter Salovey announced university priorities and academic investments that will reinforce and build on Yale’s excellence. Yale is investing in the arts, humanities, social science, and sciences, as well as reinforcing its commitment to supporting faculty and students. We are investing boldly in science and engineering. Some of the most significant human problems of the day will only lend themselves to scientific and technological solutions. These challenges must be addressed at Yale.

The University Science Strategy Committee (USSC) was charged to identify the most promising opportunities for investment across scientific disciplines. The committee was asked to recommend priorities and mechanisms for better coordinating science at Yale. The members of the committee were also asked to dream big, but to prioritize ideas and make difficult choices among many possibilities.

Comments and Suggestions

The president and provost welcome your feedback.

In the coming months, the president and provost will be gathering inputs from the Yale community and planning the implementation of the committee’s recommendations based on those inputs and on space and resource considerations.