Secrets of a little-known cancer ally revealed

February 13, 2018
A Yale-led team has found a sort of master switching network of proteins crucial to sustain cell growth — process that human cancer often relies on.

In Uganda, availability of medicines for chronic diseases varies widely

February 8, 2018
Researchers from Yale, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, and Uganda have released a new study which details medical disparities that are rife across the country.

Studying the effects of early childhood circumstances on long-term health

February 8, 2018
YSPH’s Xi Chen wants to understand how factors like religious fasting during pregnancy can affect public health and human capital over time.

Positive attitudes about aging reduce risk of dementia in older adults

February 7, 2018
Even in older adults with a high genetic risk for developing dementia, a positive attitude toward aging can reduce the risk of developing it by nearly 50%.

Two Yale teams awarded BioScience Pipeline grants for cancer-fighting tech

February 2, 2018
Founded in 2015, the BioScience Pipeline program enhances biomedical commercialization by providing milestone-based funding of up to $30,000 per project.

Yale Science Building reaches for new heights

February 2, 2018
Slated for completion in 2019, the building was “topped off” in a ceremony including President Salovey and Vice Provost for Research Peter Schiffer on Jan. 31.

Brain scans show why some type 1 diabetics miss low blood sugar cues

February 1, 2018
In non-diabetic adults, low blood sugar causes changes in key regions of the brain that are linked to decision making. Not so for many diabetics.