VPR announcement - Updates on Phase 3 EHS Integrator Registration

September 3, 2020

Attn: All faculty, trainees and staff
Summary: Updates on Phase 3 EHS integrator registration for Yale’s Research Reactivation.

Dear Colleagues,

I write with a brief update on research reactivation applications using EHS Integrator. As a reminder, during Phase 3 of research reactivation, overall permissions and restrictions for research remain the same as those in Phase 2. Therefore, new applications for research reactivation, or requests to add or remove personnel from an already approved safety plan, will continue to be submitted as new or amended Phase 1 or Phase 2 applications in EHS Integrator. More detailed information is available here.

Phase 3, unlike Phase 2, allows Yale undergraduate students enrolled in residence and, with the exception of undergraduate visitors from other institutions, semester-long academic visitors to participate in research (full details may be found here). To add Phase 3 qualified undergraduates and visitors to your research safety plan, use the Phase 3 – Undergrad and Academic Visitors registration (for instructions see here).

To reiterate, new staff, postdocs, graduate students, or graduate rotation students should be added to your existing Phase 1 or Phase 2 registration by amending your existing registration. Should the addition of these individuals require changes in your safety plan, the plan should be amended in addition to adding the new individuals. Undergraduates and long-term visitors should not to be added to existing Phase 1 or Phase 2 registrations, but registered anew through the Phase 3 – Undergrad and Academic Visitors registration. They will be expected to follow your existing Phase 1 or Phase 2 safety plans, but will be distinguished as having access to campus only during Phase 3 of research reactivation.


Michael C. Crair, Ph.D.
William Ziegler III Professor of Neuroscience
Vice Provost for Research

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