VPR Announcement - Information about Phase 2 Research Reactivation

ATTN: Faculty, graduate students, postbacs and postdocs in YSE (FES), YSM, PSPH, SEAS and FAS Science Departments

Summary: Instructions are provided for how faculty, students and research staff receive authorization to return to campus for Phase 2 Research Reactivation, which begins July 20. 

Dear Colleagues,

With Phase 2 of Yale’s plan for phased research reactivation set to begin on July 20, I write to provide some general guidance and updates. For more detailed information on Phase 2 reactivation for researchers, graduate students, postdoctoral and postgraduate trainees, please visit the Phase 2 Research Reactivation web page.

Whether you are returning to use your office or to access specialized research facilities, everyone coming to campus is required to first go through an approval process, details of which are provided below. You must also complete COVID-19: Return to Yale Campus online training, wear a face mask and conduct a Health Check daily using a web form. Working from home is still recommended provided the work can be done remotely. Anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should stay home and contact Yale Health or their health care provider.

The different types of research conducted at Yale – in offices and labs, on and off campus, domestic and international, based on medical and clinical procedures or lab and field science, using archives and collections, interviews and surveys, and more – will require distinct COVID-19 safety procedures and different application and review protocols for research reactivation to proceed:

  • If your work is strictly office-based, many faculty, students and staff will be notified and registered for return to campus by their relevant dean, department lead administrator or department chair. Some faculty may need to register their research groups through EHS Integrator (accessible only through a VPN). Your dean, lead administrator and/or department chair will tell you if registration in EHS Integrator is required for your office work. Upon authorization to return to campus, each person will receive a Return to Yale Cloth Mask Kit that contains three reusable cloth masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes. Distribution of the Return to Yale Cloth Mask Kits will be by Yale Printing and Publishing Services (YPPS) or coordinated with your department lead administrator and/or department chair.
  • If your work is laboratory-based and you have not yet received authorization to return to campus as part of Phase 1 reactivation, the faculty principal investigator for your laboratory needs to apply for authorization through EHS Integrator. Upon authorization to return to campus, investigators will receive an initial allotment of university-supplied face masks, disinfecting wipes, and hand sanitizer for your research group. If you requested and received personal protective equipment (PPE) for your research group as part of authorized Phase 1 research reactivation, you will automatically receive 50 additional disposable surgical masks plus one Return to Yale Cloth Mask Kit per person in the coming weeks. No additional action is necessary on your part for this resupply, and Phase 1 research authorization automatically carries over to Phase 2.
  • If your research is off campus, involves field work or in-person human subjects work, please begin with the Pathways to Research Reactivation webpage for guidance on the steps you should take for Phase 2 research authorization. In some cases, the research you plan to conduct during Phase 2 may need additional COVID-19 safety review by Environmental Health & Safety, including site approval. Your research may also need review and approval by one of the faculty committees established specifically for this purpose. In other cases, your Phase 2 return to campus research plans may not need additional review, but you will be asked to follow specially developed best practices guidelines. The Pathways to Research Reactivation webpage will direct you to procedures designed to expedite your return based on the type of research you conduct while continuing to prioritize the health and safety of the Yale and New Haven communities and all others with whom we interact in research contexts around the world.

Everyone authorized to return to campus for Phase 2 reactivation will receive a Return to Yale Cloth Mask Kit that contains three reusable cloth masks, hand sanitizer, surface disinfecting wipes, a lanyard, and badge holder. Cloth masks are appropriate for most on-campus environments, but laboratory and some research environments require the use of disposable surgical face masks or other specialty personal protective equipment (PPE).  More information on Phase 2 PPE distribution is available here.

As part of research reactivation and our commitment to adhere to public health guidelines, Yale will continue to provide disposable surgical face masks to laboratory researchers at least through December 2020. While recognizing that health care workers remain the highest priority, we are working closely with our partners in Yale Purchasing and monitoring critical supply chains to secure enough PPE to meet the additional needs of campus researchers in specialty research environments.

If you have questions about the type of PPE you are required to use in a specialized research setting, please contact Yale EHS, who can assist with specialized PPE needs. If you are using your disposable mask supply at a high rate and cannot wait for the imminent resupply, please contact ppe.support@yale.edu.

Thank you for your continued adherence to our COVID-19 safety measures. I greatly appreciate your patience and cooperation as we open our campus to additional academic activity while continuing to protect the health and safety of our community and neighbors.


Michael C. Crair, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Research

Whom to Contact with Questions:

Questions about on-campus research or other research-related issues:
See https://research.yale.edu/ or contact the Provost’s Office Research Team at vpr@yale.edu.

Questions about library services: See https://web.library.yale.edu/covid-19-update-library-reopening-faq or contact askyalelibrary@yale.edu.

Questions about human resources issues: See https://your.yale.edu/work-yale/support/employee-services or contact the Employee Service Center at employee.services@yale.edu or 203-432-5552.

Questions about academic calendars or other concerns about a specific school or program: The school’s dean’s office or dean of students.

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