VPR Announcement - Coordination of PPE Donations

March 21, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

I write as a follow-up to a message that you may have received with an invitation to donate
personal protective equipment (PPE) to the Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS) and other
healthcare organizations. In addition to YNHHS, Yale Medicine, first responders, mobile testing
sites and CoVID19 biosafety level 3 laboratories at Yale also have extraordinary PPE needs.

To coordinate our efforts and to ensure your generous donations are distributed to those with the
highest priority, Paula Castagna and Cathy King, both from Environmental Health and Safety (EHS),
are leading this effort across Yale. Please coordinate your donations by following the instructions
below and informing EHS (ehs@yale.edu) of the availability of your surplus supplies.

To donate laboratory supplies, we ask that you secure the clearly identified/labeled items in your
locked laboratory
using the process outlined below. EHS will make arrangements to access the
laboratories to pick-up the supplies in order of needs- based priority.

•     IMPORTANT – Items donated will not be replaced nor will unused items (if any) be returned to
donating laboratories. (This will not be possible logistically. Thank you for your understanding.)
•     Notify EHS with the list of your available items including the number of packages of each
item, using the webform available at  https://ehs.yale.edu/covid-19-ppe-donations or via email
using the table appended below.
          o    Please clearly mark and set the materials aside in your laboratory and complete the notification
                 to EHS.
          o    If necessary, designate one laboratory member to be responsible for this activity in a single
                 return visit to your laboratory. There is no need to wait for confirmation from EHS to set the
                 material aside.
•    Provide the name of the PI, the laboratory location (building/room #), email contact and a
phone contact for any pick-up questions.
•     Indicate where your items will be located in your laboratory and how they are identified.
(They should be segregated from other supplies and clearly identified for donation.)

Inventory of items available for donation:
Location (building/room #):
Email contact:
Phone contact (for any questions upon pick-up):
Describe site (e.g. by the door) of donated supplies and means used to “mark” the supplies:

Donated Supplies

Number of Unopened/sealed packages/items

Number of opened packages/items

Source/Supplier (i.e. where items were purchased)

N95 Respirators


Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs)




Disposable Face Masks




Disposable Head Covers/Caps


Disposable Gowns


Disposable Gloves






Disinfection Wipes & Liquids


General Purpose Hand Cleansers 




Your willingness to support this critical need is greatly appreciated.


Michael Crair
Vice Provost for Research