Research Reactivation Information and Guidance for Trainees

The below guidance applies primarily to graduate students, teaching fellows, postdoctoral fellows, and post-graduate researchers.  During research reactivation phase 1 (Highly Restricted Access), undergraduates may not participate in in-person, on-campus activities.

Overarching Expectations

  • Trainee Accommodations Guidance - this policy  clarifies the rights of trainees during the COVID-19 crisis. Trainees may not be required by faculty advisors, principal investigators, and other supervisors to work on campus during Phases 1 and 2.

  • For additional information pertaining to trainees, please also see the GSAS webpage.

  • Note: Undergraduates may not work in offices, laboratories, libraries, or museums on campus during Phase 1. Undergraduates may also not conduct university-sponsored field research. They may work for faculty members and university departments, but must conduct this work remotely. No undergraduate classes or orientation activities will be held in person during phase 1.

Returning to Lab

PI responsibility

Trainee Rsponsibility and Actions

  • Complete the online Reactivation Training for Researchers and submit the attestation. This must be completed before face masks are distributed.
  • Download and use the symptom tracking and attendance application (available soon) developed by Yale ITS.  The app will provide laboratory PIs or facility directors with daily reports of attendance (arrival and departure) and symptom self-assessment of all members of the laboratory or facility. For clinical/translational research conducted in standard patient care areas, symptom monitoring and attendance procedures will parallel those used for standard patient care.
  • Consider participating in a voluntary COVID-19 Virus Screening Program, which is being offered free of charge to faculty, staff, and trainees who are currently on campus performing critical research functions, or will be returning as part of Phase 1 research reactivation. To schedule a virus test, please visit COVID-19 Screening Program.
  • Check with your PI/supervisor for scheduling and an initial allotment of university-supplied surgical face masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Your PI/supervisor will establish a schedule for members of the laboratory and will have ordered surgical face masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for all in your research group. Each lab/order will be provided with 3 containers of sanitizing wipes. In addition, each trainee will receive a Return to Yale mask kit consisting of
    • 50 disposable face masks
    • 1 container of hand sanitizer
  • Review the Health and Safety Guidance as well as the Travel Guidance and Navigating Campus in Phase 1
  • To report violations: It is the responsibility of PIs and other laboratory supervisors to enforce physical and temporal distancing measures, PPE requirements, and other safety measures, as required  by the university.  Faculty, staff, trainees, and students who are concerned that safety measures are not being followed may bring a complaint in one of two ways: First, those who feel comfortable doing so may speak with the PI, another supervisor, the Department Chair, Faculty Director, Dean’s Designee, or the director of the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs.  Second, they may make anonymous or identified reports through the University Hotline.  Faculty, staff, trainees, and students who are concerned that state-mandated safety requirements are not being followed may call the state hotline at 211.  Supervisors may not retaliate against individuals for raising concerns about COVID-related safety and health conditions.

Additional Resources