Research Reactivation Information and Guidance for Faculty


Steps to Complete for Phase 1

  • Apply via EHS Integrator (accessible only through vpn).

  • Complete the online Reactivation Training for Researchers. Ensure that all researchers in your lab who are listed in your Integrator application to return to campus complete this training.

  • After submission and approval of safety plans, obtain an initial allotment of university-supplied face masks, disinfecting wipes, and hand sanitizer for your research group by visiting Please request these safety supplies before re-entering your lab or research space. The supplies contain:

    • 50 surgical face masks for each member of your laboratory approved to return to campus for Phase 1 research.

    • An individual bottle of hand sanitizer for each member of your laboratory.

    • 3 canisters of disinfecting wipes for the laboratory or facility.

  • If necessary, order additional lab supplies and other PPE specific to your lab research environment.

  • Download the symptom tracking and attendance application (available soon) developed by Yale ITS. This digital application will replace the symptom tracking and attendance ‘paper’ logs that may have been part of individual PI safety plans. It will provide laboratory PIs or facility directors with daily reports of attendance (arrival and departure) and symptom self-assessment of all members of the laboratory or facility. For clinical/translational research conducted in standard patient care areas, symptom monitoring and attendance procedures will parallel those used for standard patient care.

  • Consult with your chair and safety advisor to create a plan for return to your lab.

  • Consider participating in a voluntary COVID-19 Virus Screening Program, which is being offered free of charge to faculty, staff, and trainees who are currently on campus performing critical research functions, or will be returning as part of Phase 1 research reactivation. To schedule a virus test, please visit COVID-19 Screening Program.

Additional Information