Research Reactivation - Human Subjects Research Review Committee

During Yale’s Phased Research Reactivation, all in-person human subjects research will need approval from a Human Subjects Research (HSR) committee, which has been appointed for this purpose. The committee is co-chaired by Eric Velazquez and John Dovidio, and its oversight is in line with a phased approach for reactivation of research on the campus and with the guidance of the State’s Reopen Connecticut initiative. 

For review by the HSR committee, proposals for research reactivation must be submitted using the EHS Integrator system (VPN connection required). (A 3-minute video navigating the registration is available at ).  To streamline, ease, and expedite application submission and review, the HSR committee has posted a set of questions on EHS Integrator appropriate for Phase 1 of research reactivation. General guidelines and the specific questions for Phase 1 are outlined below for your reference.

The committee will post additional guidelines and a second set of questions for Phase 2 of the reactivation in the coming weeks. Applications for in-person human subjects research in non-clinical settings will be considered during this next phase. Physical distancing, de-densification, face masks, and other public health measures for limiting virus spread will continue to be adhered to.