Research Reactivation - Off Campus Research and Field Work Committee

Off-Campus Research and Fieldwork Committee


The Off-campus Research and Field Work Committee has been charged with the review and approval of all off campus research during the research reactivation of the university in line with a phased approach for reactivation of research on the campus and with the guidance of the State’s Reopen Connecticut initiative.


Steven Wilkinson (Chair)


Rohini Pande (Economics)

Michael Donoghue (EEB)

Joanne Meyerowitz (History)

David Post (EEB)

Mick Hunter (EALL)

Doug Rogers (Anthropology)

Os Schmitz (FES)

Mark Ashton (FES)

David Evans (G&G)

Carol Carpenter (Anthropology)

Saad Omer (YSPH)

Graduate student representatives:

Jo Machesky

Patrick Barker

Postdoc representative:

Freya Rowland

Ex officio:

Don Filer

Angelika Hofmann