Research Reactivation - Off-campus Research and Field Work

During Yale’s Phased Research Reactivation, all off-campus research involving human subjects and/or fieldwork will need approval from the Off-Campus Research and Field Work Review Committee, which has been appointed for this purpose. The committee is chaired by Steven Wilkinson, and its oversight is in line with a phased approach for reactivation of research on the campus and with the guidance of the State’s Reopen Connecticut initiative.

Certain types of off-campus research and fieldwork may be eligible for exemption in Phase 2 or 3, such as research in archives or collections or scientific fieldwork involving a single researcher where social distancing is easily accomplished. If you have not already done so, go to the exemption self-assessment to determine if your research is exempt.  If your research is exempt, please review the list of best practices provided here.

If your research is not exempt, the Fieldwork and Off Campus Research Review Committee is accepting two kinds of applications from researchers, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, undergraduate students, and other trainees during Phase 2 and 3 as outlined below in: Natural Sciences and Social Sciences/Humanities.