Provost Announcement - Laboratory Safety Plans in EHS Integrator

August 25, 2020

Attn: All Graduate students, Postgrads and Postdocs

Summary: Overview and instructions for graduate students, postgrads and postdocs on how to access laboratory safety plans in EHS Integrator

Dear Graduate Students, Postgraduates and Postdocs,

At the start of Phase 3 of Yale’s research reactivation, we write to provide some guidelines about safety plans for laboratory research, field research, and research involving in-person human subjects.

To be authorized to return to campus, your advisor may need to submit a research reactivation application (‘safety plan’) via EHS Integrator. Your advisor/supervisor/PI should share the specific safety plan for your research environment as appropriate. Detailed information about who needs to submit a safety plan, and what form of safety plan is necessary can be found on the Pathways to Research Reactivation pages, which include special instructions for off-campus fieldwork, archival or collections work, and in-person human subjects research in various contexts.

Upon authorization, graduate students, postgrads and postdocs named on a research reactivation safety plan will also be provided access to EHS integrator to read their safety plans. To access and print your safety plan, please follow these steps:
          * Visit (access through Yale network with NetID or VPN only).
         * From this page, you should see the applications. Click “View” next to the relevant application.
         * Navigate to the “Report” section of the workflow. You can print out the report via the print icon at the top of the form or by using the browser’s standard print feature (file>print).

Note that lab members may not begin performing research during Yale’s phased reactivation until they have reviewed the relevant safety plans. Every individual that accesses campus for research must also complete the online Reactivation Training for Researchers (accessible only through VPN) prior to returning to campus, conduct a Daily Health Check as mandated by Yale and the State of Connecticut, and follow all mandated COVID-19 safety measures, including maintaining physical separation of at least 6-feet from others, wearing a face covering in public or office environments or a water-resistant surgical mask while in the lab, dedensification, and other public health measures.

With best wishes for a great start of the fall semester and for your health and success,

Lynn Cooley
Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
C.N.H. Long Professor of Genetics
Professor of Cell Biology and of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology

Michael C. Crair, Ph.D.
William Ziegler III Professor of Neuroscience
Vice Provost for Research

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