Phase 2 and 3 Guidance for Leadership on Building Reactivation for Office Use

Phase 2 and 3 of Yale’s Research Reactivation will broaden access to campus for faculty, staff and trainees (e.g. postdoctoral researchers, graduate and professional students) regardless of whether campus access is necessary for their academic and research programs, so long as physical distancing, room/office density, and all other Yale guidance are adhered to. Undergraduate students and external visitors will not be allowed on campus during Phase 2, but consistent with laboratory safety plans and individual school policies, on-campus research by undergraduates and new graduate students is permitted during Phase 3. While campus access will be much less restricted, working from home is still recommended and strongly encouraged, as this remains the most effective method for limiting COVID-19 spread. Those who choose to return to campus during Phase 2 and 3 should only access the office designated as their primary working space. This guidance is intended for units with faculty, staff and trainees who are returning to campus during Phase 2 and 3 to occupy office-type space. Faculty with academic or research programs that require the use of specialty lab facilities, perform field research or human subjects research must develop individual safety plans and use the EHS Integrator system to apply for authorization to return to campus for these activities during Phase 2 and 3, as was required in Phase 1. Academic year guidance regarding undergraduates and visitors, as well as the use of any specialty spaces including studios and performing arts areas, will be forthcoming later in the summer.