Phase 2 & 3 Research Reactivation

Phase 2 & 3 Research Reactivation

Current Phase: Phase 3

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Important updates for laboratory work (April 14, 2021)

  • Laboratories are no longer required to limit occupancy based on 50% of normal occupancy; however, six-foot physical distancing and other safety measures must be maintained.
  • Proximity training for laboratory researchers will be permitted under specific conditions and with enhanced PPE. EHS approval will be required for any proximity work that does not fall under this general allowance for training in laboratories.

Phase 2 of Yale’s Research Reactivation allows access to campus for faculty, staff and trainees, regardless of whether campus access is necessary for their academic and research programs, so long as there continues to be adherence to Yale’s guidance on physical distancing, room density and other public safety measures. Undergraduate students are not permitted on campus during Phase 2. Working from home is still recommended and strongly encouraged.

Phase 3 of Yale’s Research Reactivation allows certain undergraduate students and semester-long visitors back to campus (please see the Special Alert message from Yale’s COVID-19 coordinator.). Although some expansion of on campus activities are permitted in Phase 3, Yale’s guidance on physical distancing, dedensification and other public safety measures remain in effect. These restrictions will continue to limit activities that require close physical proximity, such as group meetings or person-to-person training that would otherwise violate physical distancing restrictions.

Overall permissions and restrictions for Phase 3 are the same as those for Phase 2. If you are already authorized to return to campus for Phase 1 or Phase 2, your authorization automatically carries forward into Phase 3, with the same laboratory safety plans and restrictions, including:

Phase 3 of Yale’s research reactivation allows additional on-campus activities relative to Phase 2, including:

  • Research by undergraduates enrolled in residence and new graduate students is permitted on-campus, so long as it is consistent with laboratory safety plans and individual school policies, including COVID-19 screening. (See also Yale College Policy.)
  • Semester-long academic visitors to campus are permitted. However, visitors for seminars, colloquia, and other short-term visits are prohibited. Visitors must conform to all Yale COVID-19 safety measures.
  • University-sponsored gatherings should follow university guidelines and take place virtually, unless there are compelling reasons to do otherwise. In-person gatherings outside the academic program, on or off campus, may be no larger than 10 people. Per Yale and State guidelines, rooms, floor, and buildings are limited to either 1 person per 150 square feet or 50% of usual occupancy or less. Classrooms, lecture halls and other rooms will have posted ‘COVID-19 Occupancy Limits’ limits that must be adhered to.

Below is further information and guidance on Phase 2 and 3 of Yale’s research reactivation.