Phase 1, 2 and 3 - Guidance and Requirements for Vendors and Other Visitors

Guidance and Requirements for Vendors, Monitors, Site Inspectors and Other Visitors

During Yale’s phase 1 and 2 research reactivation, short-term visits to campus will be limited to only essential visitors (e.g., contractors, vendors, custodial, EHS, monitors, etc.). In Phase 3 of Yale’s research reactivation,  semester-long academic visitors to campus are permitted unless they are undergraduate visitors from other institutions. In Phase 3, visitors for seminars, colloquia, and other short-term visits are still prohibited.

Visitors must conform to all Yale COVID-19 safety measures and follow all university policies and public health guidelines; including adhering to Yale’s Travel Guidelines. All short-term visitors performing services on-site at Yale must also agree to comply with Yale’s Vendor Site Access Requirements. Among other procedures described in the Requirements, all short-term visitors will be required to check in via Yale’s contractor/vendor daily check-in application upon arrival to campus. 

Many of the most commonly used vendors (“Group 1” vendors below) have already agreed to follow Yale’s requirements and have been approved to perform work on campus. For less commonly used vendors (“Group 2” vendors below) faculty will be required to communicate Yale’s requirements to the vendor and obtain a written acknowledgment before authorizing the vendor to perform service at a Yale site. 

Group 1 – Frequently utilized vendors and those with multiple or complex product segments

Certain vendors that are routinely on campus and/or provide services to multiples campus sites have already been vetted by Yale and have agreed to follow Yale’s requirements. A current list of pre-approved vendors will be continuously updated. Please contact Joe Mastracchio in Yale Purchasing for more information. If a vendor appears on this list, the vendor’s service visit can be approved without obtaining a written acknowledgment that the vendor will comply with Yale’s requirements. Any site-specific safety concerns or procedures should however be communicated to the vendor and efforts should be made to ensure their compliance with Yale’s requirements while the vendor is at Yale. 

Group 2 – Infrequent, project specific, or short duration visits

Many vendors that provide short, infrequent, or project-specific services on campus have not been pre-approved. Therefore, if a vendor does not appear on the updated list of pre-approved vendors, faculty will be responsible for communicating Yale’s requirements to the vendor and for obtaining a signed acknowledgment that the vendor will comply. An acknowledgment form is included with the Yale’s Vendor Site Access Requirements. Please build upon these Requirements with procedures specific to your laboratory and department. Once a vendor has provided a signed acknowledgment, the vendor’s service visit may be approved. As with Group 1 vendors, Group 2 vendors must receive an overview of any site-specific safety concerns from their Yale contact upon arrival.

A department, center, core, or institute may elect to require only one signed acknowledgment from a vendor that will perform multiple, unique service visits. This process may be coordinated through business offices to help streamline multiple service visits from the same vendor. A previously signed acknowledgment from a vendor may be accepted if there are no site-specific safety concerns that require modified or additional procedures. 

Those looking to schedule inspections by government agencies, or visits for the purpose of audits and monitoring by external entities, such as sponsors, should follow the Group 2 guidance. Please note that additional approvals or safety measures for on-site visits may be required depending on where the research is taking place (e.g. clinical sites or other research locations). To the extent possible, please try to have these visits conducted remotely in order to minimize exposure to COVID-19. Please also remember to work with your school, department, or facility regarding any necessary steps for documenting the above requirements related to in-person visits.