Celebrating 20 years of Women’s Health Research at Yale

April 12, 2018
In honor of this anniversary, WHRY’s supporters, scientists, and students offer their thoughts on the last two decades and the change the initiative has made.

Big data analysis accurately predicts patient survival from heart failure

April 12, 2018
Yale researchers used their findings to develop a predictive online tool that could be integrated into electronic health records in healthcare systems.

Advancing the science of smell — with a hint of musk

April 9, 2018
New Yale-led research into the molecular basis of the human sense of smell may have implications for a variety of effects on mood and behavior in vertebrates.

Study: Topical antibiotic triggers unexpected antiviral response

April 9, 2018
Researchers say the response, observed against flu, herpes, and Zika viruses, could help lead to the future development of better antiviral medications.

New device uses sound waves in pristine crystals to store information

April 3, 2018
Researchers hope to enable searches for new physics, unique forms of precision sensing, and novel approaches to quantum information processing.

Taming an unruly target in diabetes

April 3, 2018
Focusing on a simple hormone, a Yale researcher has found specific forms of it that poke toxic holes in cells, a discovery that could help treat diabetes.

Researchers develop a novel RNA-based therapy to target West Nile Virus

March 29, 2018
New findings by the Yale-led team may represent a breakthrough in treating West Nile Virus after virus invasion of the brain and the central nervous system.