Yale economist examines cost and value of higher ed

April 20, 2018
What’s the value of an engineering degree versus an M.B.A.? Using applied econometrics, labor economist Joseph Altonji looks at questions like this and others.

Dyslexia gene variants tied to consonant use across populations

April 18, 2018
A correlation between consonant use and the gene DCDC2 suggests a genetic role in language differences between worldwide populations, according to researchers.

Why Children Follow Rules

April 17, 2018
Tom R. Tyler, the Macklin Fleming Professor of Law, and Rick Trinkner, assistant professor Justice at Arizona State University (Oxford University Press)

Study measures impact of economic aid programs in Afghanistan war zone

April 13, 2018
Researchers have found that one-time cash payments and job training programs do little to sway Kandahar residents away from the Taliban.

SOM Insights: Why do women inventors win fewer patents?

April 13, 2018
Researchers from the Yale School of Management argue that eliminating the gender disparity in patent approvals is crucial to increasing economic innovation.

Celebrating 20 years of Women’s Health Research at Yale

April 12, 2018
In honor of this anniversary, WHRY’s supporters, scientists, and students offer their thoughts on the last two decades and the change the initiative has made.

Big data analysis accurately predicts patient survival from heart failure

April 12, 2018
Yale researchers used their findings to develop a predictive online tool that could be integrated into electronic health records in healthcare systems.