Impact: How Yale research, programs, and people effect real-world change

April 30, 2018
From medical breakthroughs to initiatives that strengthen communities around the globe, Yale’s research, programs, and people are improving the world every day.

Quantum research at Yale makes its mark

April 30, 2018
Quantum computers could usher in computation speeds that are orders of magnitude faster than today’s supercomputers, and Yale research is making them a reality.

New study offers front-row seat to a galactic pile-up

April 27, 2018
The new Yale-led study examines a collision of 14 galaxies 12.4 billion lightyears from Earth, lending insight into how supermassive galaxy clusters are formed.

Tuberculosis transmission revealed through genomic and spatial analysis

April 26, 2018
A YSPH researcher looked at the link between residents, migrants, and the transmission of tuberculosis in Songjiang, a district of Shanghai, China.

Scientists track stress through the generations

April 24, 2018
Yale scientists have devised new methods to detect how the effects of stress are passed down through descendants of a single yeast cell.

Study shows newspaper op-eds change minds

April 24, 2018
Through two randomized experiments, a new study has found that op-ed pieces have significant effects on people’s views among both the public and policy experts.

Study: Milky Way’s supermassive black hole may have ‘unseen’ siblings

April 24, 2018
With the help of new simulation software, researchers have found that galaxies like our own may be host to numerous black holes “wandering” in wide orbits.