Yale researchers investigate decline in use of preventive defibrillators

July 3, 2018
A decline in the use of implantable cardioverter defibrillators may be due to concerns about possible overuse of these devices and a federal investigation.

Chronic heart disease causes high financial burden for low-income families

July 3, 2018
New findings by Yale and University of Texas researchers may support recent advocacy for a more progressive social and national health insurance program.

New centers to advance implementation and prevention sciences

July 2, 2018
The two new centers at the School of Medicine and the School of Public Health will promote the adoption of research findings into clinical practice.

Scale is a key ingredient when tracking biodiversity, researchers say

July 2, 2018
To fully understand biodiversity and how it is changing, you need to observe changes at local, regional, and continental scales, according to a new study.

Psychiatric disorders share an underlying genetic basis

June 27, 2018
In a new study, researchers explore the biological and genetic connections between schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other disorders of the brain.

How to capture activity of thousands of genes in a single cell? It’s MAGIC

June 26, 2018
The Markov Affinity-based Graph Imputation of Cells is able to reveal interactions between thousands of genes in a single cell, and how those change over time.

Human insulin as safe and effective as costlier insulin analogs

June 26, 2018
Many people with type 2 diabetes should consider starting with NPH insulin, instead of insulin analogs, according to a new Yale/Kaiser Permanente study.