Cryo tomography brings new life to the study of human biology at Yale

July 13, 2018
The new technology gives scientists the ability probe the tiniest forms of life in their search for knowledge underlying human disease.

Seeing how cells work as never before

July 13, 2018
Yale is adding microscopy that provides an unprecedented view of specimens whose thickness had thwarted close inspection

Yale researchers identify target for novel malaria vaccine

July 13, 2018
Researchers have created a vaccine that protects against malaria infection in mouse models, paving the way for the development of a human vaccine.

Yihong Wu creates new tools for digging into data

July 12, 2018
Finding communities within data will have implications for looking at voting records, DNA chains, the blogosphere, traffic patterns, and an array of other data.

Stem cell mutations linked to hydrocephalus

July 11, 2018
The mutations result in reduced brain volume that secondarily becomes filled with cerebrospinal fluid.

Standard type 2 diabetes treatments may not improve the condition in youth

July 10, 2018
Taking insulin or the most commonly used drug for type 2 diabetes, metformin, failed to either delay or effectively treat the condition in youth.

Yale scientists flip molecular switches on building blocks of life

July 9, 2018
The researchers are expanding our understanding of how bacteria continue to evolve and adapt at the molecular level.