YSPH study reveals new findings on marijuana use among young men

March 21, 2018
The social fabrics of their neighborhoods, including friendships and ideas about masculinity, have a powerful impact on marijuana use among young minority men.

One in three young adults has ridden with an impaired driver

March 21, 2018
A new study co-authored by a Yale researcher finds that one in three teens have ridden with a driver — usually a peer — impaired by alcohol or marijuana.

New research opens door for potential treatment of deadly lung disease

March 21, 2018
When COPD patients encounter the bacterium H. influenzae, the results can be fatal. A new study offers critical insight into treatment.

Study finds poor access to obstetric and neonatal care in low-income areas

March 16, 2018
Many pregnant women in low-income areas have to travel farther than their peers to deliver their babies — and that gap in care appears to be growing.

Yale, Kenyan scientists renew collaboration on tsetse fly research

March 16, 2018
On March 16, President Salovey and YSPH’s Serap Aksoy took part in a signing ceremony with Kenyan leaders to continue a collaboration in biomedical science.

Hospitals with higher post-discharge ER visits have fewer readmissions

March 15, 2018
A Yale team analyzed the files of Medicare beneficiaries who were hospitalized for heart attack, heart failure, and pneumonia between July 2011 and June 2012.

Psychopaths’ disregard for others is not automatic

March 12, 2018
According to new research, psychopaths do have the ability consider the thoughts of others — if there is a specific goal they want to accomplish.