Role of melanoma-promoting protein revealed

December 5, 2017
New findings by Yale researchers suggest that targeting the gene MELK might be a promising therapeutic option for treating the deadly skin cancer.

YSPH study finds link between Legionnaires' disease and CT watersheds

December 5, 2017
Contamination of the Naugatuck and Quinebaug watersheds in Connecticut may be responsible for a rise in cases of Legionnaires’ disease in the state.

Vets who receive medical-legal aid show improvements in mental health

December 4, 2017
Legal assistance with housing, benefits, and other matters increases mental health and other quality-of-life outcomes in veterans, according to research.

Yale SEAS works to usher an era of hacker-proof computing

December 4, 2017
With cutting-edge operating systems, cryptocurrencies, privacy-enhancing hardware, and more, Yale researchers are revolutionizing cybersecurity.

Better vaccine targeting: study identifies key mechanism

December 1, 2017
New Yale-led research could have a significant impact on how vaccines are delivered, especially during pandemics.

Hepatitis C ‘treatment as prevention’ strategy examined in new study

November 29, 2017
New findings by Yale researchers indicate that expanding hepatitis C treatment improves the effectiveness of prevention efforts for some high-risk individuals.

Combining machine and nanoparticles for better transplant outcomes

November 29, 2017
Yale researchers have successfully used a nanotechnology-enhanced drug therapy to suppress inflammation and prevent infection in new kidney transplants.