Yale School of Medicine enhances its cytometry capabilities

January 9, 2018
Yale is now one of the first U.S. centers to adopt a technology that reveals far more than past methods about the cellular compositions of specimens.

Immune response to Zika virus contributes to fetal harm

January 5, 2018
The same proteins that mount a potent immune response to Zika viral infection can also harm the placenta and fetal development, according to a Yale-led study.

Cellular hitchhikers aid recovery from spinal cord injury

January 5, 2018
The healing effects of stem cells in spinal cord injury can be aided by their ability to move to specific anti-inflammatory cells called M2 macrophages.

Study shows treeshrews break evolutionary ‘rules’

January 5, 2018
Common treeshrews native to Southeast Asia have been shown to break two common bits of evolutionary wisdom: the island rule and Bergmann’s rule.

Uncovering asthma’s genetic origins

January 3, 2018
YSPH explores how researchers are combing through mountains of data to understand a disease that afflicts growing numbers of children and adults.

Gao Yufang on taking a new approach to stopping the ivory trade

January 3, 2018
Gao Yufang ’14 M.E.Sc. discusses a new paper he has co-authored, calling for a holistic, values-based approach to addressing the epidemic of elephant poaching.

Yale study: Violence declines during intensive PTSD treatment

December 21, 2017
An intensive Veterans Health Administration treatment program can reduce violent behavior in combat veterans with PTSD, according to new research.