Yale study finds cause of and cure for genetic skin disorder

June 1, 2017
About one in 200,000 people are affected by a severe group of skin disorders known as the ichthyoses (ik-thee-oh-sees), which feature dry, scaly, or thickened skin. Although treatment with topical medications can help, there is no cure. To better understand the cause of such skin disorders, a Yale-led research team studies the genes of individuals affected by the conditions.

Drug combo combats stroke, Yale researchers find

June 1, 2017
A combination of existing drugs can ease symptoms of a cerebrovascular disorder that in severe cases can lead to brain hemorrhage, a team of Yale researchers have found.

Yale experts question push for ‘abuse-deterrent’ Rx opioids

May 31, 2017
In response to the rise in opioid overdose deaths nationwide, pharmaceutical companies have developed formulations of prescription opioids designed to prevent tampering or abuse. These “abuse-deterrent” forms, however, are expensive and may not actually have the intended effect, say experts from Yale School of Medicine.  

Fossil skeleton confirms earliest primates were tree dwellers

May 30, 2017
Earth’s earliest primates dwelled in treetops, not on the ground, according to an analysis of a 62-million-year-old partial skeleton discovered in New Mexico — the oldest-known primate skeleton.

Optic probes shed light on binge-eating

May 25, 2017
Activating neurons in an area of the brain not previously associated with feeding can produce binge-eating behavior in mice, a new Yale study finds.

Study: Targeted conservation could protect more of Earth’s biodiversity

May 25, 2017
A new study finds that major gains in global biodiversity can be achieved if an additional 5% of land is set aside to protect key species.

Crowd-sourced project to build Yale theater history database

May 24, 2017
Yale’s Digital Humanities Lab is working with the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library to make data from hundreds of Yale theater programs easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection.