Evolution of pregnancy may be key to better reproductive technologies today

July 24, 2017
Yale scientists report that humans differ from their evolutionary ancestors by undergoing a pro-inflammatory process at the onset and conclusion of pregnancy.

Professor teaches statistics and data science aboard USS George H.W. Bush

July 24, 2017
Professor Jay Emerson led a workshop titled “Life in the Sea of Statistics and Data Science” for sailors on an aircraft carrier.

New Yale program offers solutions to bedwetting by children

July 24, 2017
A new Yale Medicine initiative, called the Pediatric Bladder & Continence Program, helps children ages 5 to 21 gain bladder control.

The price of medical emergencies: Study examines out-of-network billing

July 24, 2017
A new study by Yale researchers reveals that a small group of for-profit hospitals have the highest concentration of out-of-network ED billing rates.

Safety of medical devices not often evaluated by sex, age, or race

July 24, 2017
Researchers have found that few medical devices are analyzed to consider the influence of their users’ sex, age, or race on safety and effectiveness.

Islands are evolutionary cradle for Antarctica marine life

July 24, 2017
The largely barren islands reaching north from Antarctica perhaps will be the first places to be impacted by invading species in the wake of climate change.

‘Tug of war’ explains diversity of cell migration patterns

July 20, 2017
Yale researchers have identified the mechanism accounting for the diverse cellular migration patterns of cells inside intertwined human tissues.