COVID-19’s mysterious symptom

April 3, 2020
Understanding the loss of smell could be a key to helping otherwise asymptomatic and healthy COVID-19 carriers self-identify and quarantine.

Yale releases COVID-19 treatment algorithm

April 1, 2020
Based on available knowledge and observation, the algorithm is meant to offer treatment advice for COVID-19 patients in the Yale-New Haven Health system.

How Yale genomic epidemiologists use mutations to track COVID-19

April 1, 2020
How does coronavirus spread? How is it mutating? How should those questions impact public policy? Work by Yale researchers aims to answer those questions.

COVID-19 medications can have lethal complications if used inappropriately

April 1, 2020
Increased awareness around experimental treatments for COVID-19 such as hydroxychloroquine has led to reports of risky behaviors, Yale experts caution.

YSoA manufactures medical equipment for the fight against COVID-19

April 1, 2020
With the largest complement of digital fabrication equipment on campus, the School of Architecture is making essential face shields and ventilator parts.

Suspect cells’ ‘neighbor’ implicated in colorectal cancer

April 1, 2020
While a group of stem cells within the intestine has been the main culprit for the growth of cancer, nearby fibroplats may harbor the real molecular villains.

Yale experts pool resources, skills to increase COVID-19 medical supplies

March 27, 2020
From facilitating donations to rapidly 3D printing prototypes, a coalition from across Yale is working to provide healthcare professionals the tools they need.