Study probes interplay of proteins in type 2 diabetes

September 13, 2019
Yale pathologist study reveals interactions of proteins in type 2 diabetes can be dramatically reduced when small amounts of neighboring proteins are present.

Yale Researchers Join Penn Medicine to Study Opioid Use Disorders

September 13, 2019
Researchers from Yale School of Medicine and Penn Medicine have created a new center to improve our understanding of opioid use disorders.

COPE Project to study how people control their voice-hearing experiences

September 12, 2019
Between 5% and 13% of people hear voices, and new Yale-based project will study how they manage to exert control over them to lead functional lives.

Bone marrow may be the missing piece of the fertility puzzle

September 12, 2019
When an egg is fertilized, stem cells leave the bone marrow and travel via the bloodstream to the uterus — a process necessary for a successful pregnancy.

Molecular ‘fossils’ help explain key evolutionary event

September 11, 2019
Yale scientists have found missing molecular “fossils” that shed light on a key event in the early evolution of life on earth — the origin of the cell nucleus.

Opioid treatment for teens? Medications can help

September 11, 2019
Methadone, buprenorphine, or naltrexone — already common treatments for opioid use disorders in adults — may also be helpful for teens battling addiction.

High-fat diets affect your brain, not just your physical appearance

September 5, 2019
High-fat diets contribute to irregularities in the hypothalamus region of the brain, which regulates body weight homeostasis and metabolism, a Yale study finds.