Strengthening palliative care in Israel

June 21, 2019
Israel is home to 9 million people, and of more than 40,000 decedents a year only 10% receive palliative care. YSN’s Dena Schulman-Green wants to change that.

Study explores role of metabolism in immune cell behavior

June 21, 2019
New Yale research has uncovered a previously unrecognized process involving the metabolism of mitochondria and immune cell biology.

A bacterial remnant may explain arthritis in Lyme patients

June 21, 2019
New Yale research offers insight into why some Lyme disease patients continue to suffer from debilitating arthritis even after antibiotic treatment.

Hue times two: a second look at the color of dinosaur eggs

June 21, 2019
New research by Yale paleontologist Jasmina Wiemann confirms: The evolutionary root of modern bird egg coloring can be found in eumaniraptoran dinosaurs.

Yale and MIT researchers study water quality, oil and gas drilling in Ohio

June 20, 2019
As part of the WATer and Energy Resources Study, the researchers will investigate the impact of fracking on groundwater and human health.

SOM Insights: Professor Vineet Kumar on Facebook’s move into cryptocurrency

June 20, 2019
Kumar discusses Facebook’s newly announced “Libra” cryptocurrency, what it means for the company, and for the future of blockchain technology.

A tool for identifying phases of matter

June 19, 2019
Yale scientists have developed a more accurate way to help classify the distinct physical forms taken on by all the “stuff” in the universe.