The urban effect: urbanization as an environmental focus of study

July 2, 2020
The urban environment is a common interest among the faculty at the Yale School of the Environment, where an urban specialization will be added this fall.

Yale professor receives NIH award for breakthrough cancer research

July 1, 2020
Yale pathologist Dr. Kurt Schalper has received an R37 Merit Award from the National Institutes of Health, ensuring research funding for the next seven years.

Yale study: Breast cancer found earlier in states with expanded Medicaid

July 1, 2020
A higher percentage of women with breast cancer had their disease diagnosed at an early stage in states with expanded Medicaid coverage through the ACA.

Yale IDs test to detect blood vessel injury, predict survival in COVID-19

June 30, 2020
Researchers at Yale have found that injury to endothelial cells — the cells lining blood vessels — may be a key driver of COVID-19 severity and death.

A race to solve the COVID protein puzzle

June 30, 2020
Yale engineering Professor Corey O’Hern is working to advance our understanding of the novel coronavirus’ structure, in order to aid drug design and more.

Online and off, we are drawn toward those with similar writing styles

June 30, 2020
Friendships are more likely to develop between people who share linguistic styles, which contributes to the polarization of society according to a new study.

Fat check: Researchers find explanation for stress’ damage in brown fat

June 30, 2020
An immune system cell secreted by brown fat in the body may be responsible for the negative side-effects of stress, Yale researchers report.