Researchers float a unified theory for fundamental forces

August 21, 2017
A new study argues that the “swimmers” of the natural world exert a predictable influence on each other within seemingly chaotic environments.

Behavior theory may offer key to ensuring infants are put to sleep safely

August 21, 2017
A new study examined what influences a mother’s decision to put her infant in the recommended sleeping position.

Evolutionary biologists probe human-chimp genetics mystery

August 18, 2017
Yale and Howard University scientists developed a genetic analysis technique that can explore what makes humans different from chimpanzees.

Solar eclipse offers information, inspiration, and awe

August 17, 2017
The Aug. 21 event will be studied closely by Yale scientists. The public can also view the eclipse at Leitner Observatory.

A tumor-suppressing gene can be harmful in some cancers

August 15, 2017
Knocking out a gene that guards against blood cancers and heart disease may actually help combat solid tumors, says a Yale study.

On the off-label use of ketamine as a treatment for mood disorders

August 14, 2017
Drs. Gerard Sanacora and Samuel T. Wilkinson write that enthusiasm for the rapid-acting antidepressant should be coupled with caution.

State standards do little to improve access to specialists in Medicaid

August 14, 2017
More needs to be done to eliminate the gap in access to specialty care for Medicaid patients, concludes a new Yale study.