Math — not computer science — was Grace Hopper’s first language

March 26, 2019
For her work in computer science, Grace Hopper ’30 M.A., ’34 Ph.D. has been called the “queen of code.” Yet beneath that crown was the brain of a mathematician.

Yale undergrad team chosen by NASA to launch satellite to study cosmic rays

March 25, 2019
The CubeSat research satellite, built by a Yale Undergraduate Aerospace Association team in residence at Wright Lab, will enter orbit by 2022.

How new ketamine drug helps with depression

March 22, 2019
“This is a game changer,” says John Krystal, M.D., chief psychiatrist at Yale Medicine and one of the pioneers of ketamine research in the country.

Breast ultrasound and cancer detection increased under new laws

March 21, 2019
State laws that require healthcare providers to notify women about if they have dense breasts and recommend supplemental screenings may boost cancer detection.

Yale researchers awarded $40 million to study opioid addiction treatments

March 21, 2019
Drs. Ismene Petrakis and Sandra Springer are co-principal investigators leading new research, which is supported by the Veterans Affairs Cooperative Study.

Interest in newborn health, ignited at Yale, leads to major discovery

March 20, 2019
Harvard professor Ofer Levy ’88 and his partners have completed the first-ever analysis of the first week of human life at the molecular resolution.

Scientists narrow in on cells that drive immune response to cancer

March 20, 2019
New research by the Yale Systems Biology Institute advances the genetic understanding of cancer cells and the science of immunotherapy treatment.