April 2020 News

Vaping and COVID-19: Is now a ‘reachable moment’ to help your teen quit?

April 28, 2020
Researchers are investigating how vaping might impact the immune system. But it can’t be good for resistance to coronavirus, says Yale’s Dr. Ellen Foxman.

Infection prevention for COVID-19: an illustrated summary

April 28, 2020
Yale School of Medicine Ph.D. student Clara Liao explains hygiene, social distancing, how to properly wear a mask, and more in this informational video.

Scott J. Miller elected to National Academy of Sciences

April 28, 2020
Miller is the Irénée du Pont Professor of Chemistry and a Yale faculty member since 2006. He is among 120 new members of the prestigious society.

Promoting cardiovascular health worldwide

April 27, 2020
Led by Yale doctors, the nonprofit International Team of Educators to Advance Cardiovascular Health is improving cardiovascular care in underserved communities.

Faculty members honored with election to AAAS

April 24, 2020
Seven Yale faculty members are among the artists, intellectuals, and prominent leaders newly elected as members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro cites Yale School of Nursing research to expand SNAP

April 24, 2020
Earlier this month, DeLauro cited research coauthored by YSN’s Margaret L. Holland in a letter to the Secretary of Agriculture.

Commonly used chemicals associated with miscarriage, Yale study finds

April 24, 2020
PFAS — chemicals commonly found in food packaging and drinking water — are associated with the risk for third-trimester miscarriage, YSPH researchers say.