March 2020 News

Basu, Fischer, Urry named inaugural AAS Fellows

March 5, 2020
Yale Professors Sarbani Basu, Meg Urry, and Debra Fischer are among the inaugural fellows of the American Astronomical Society.

Research Continuity Guidance for Laboratories and Research Facilities

March 5, 2020
Dear Colleagues, Yale University continues to closely monitor the outbreak of coronavirus disease, known as COVID-19. With the ongoing concern about the spread of this disease, laboratories and research facilities should begin to plan for the possibility of a significant disruption to normal operations. 

Third-hand smoke is no joke, can convey hazardous chemicals

March 4, 2020
People can carry hazardous compounds from cigarette smoke that cling to their bodies and then release them into non-smoking environments, a Yale study finds.

Researchers help restore hormonal balance disrupted in metabolic diseases

March 4, 2020
A new Yale study describes the molecular mechanisms that trigger metabolic imbalance that leads to diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Insights & Outcomes: Thermodynamics and the algebra of everything

March 2, 2020
Yale scientists take a deep dive into thermodynamics, discover a new drug to treat seizures, defend ACA expansion, and unify the algebra of everything.