March 2020 News

Yale leaders talk about COVID-19: Part four in a series

March 19, 2020
Graduate School Dean Lynn Cooley discusses challenges and opportunities in the university’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Deadlier colon cancer develops differently in women and men

March 17, 2020
Colon tumors produce energy for growth differently in women and men, which leads to a more aggressive form of tumor growth with a higher incidence in women.

Yale adjusts to COVID-19, marshals resources to meet needs

March 16, 2020
Yale has taken measures to safeguard its community, establish new protocols for teaching students remotely, and maintain core campus functions and facilities.

Yale leaders talk about COVID-19: First in a series

March 16, 2020
Today we begin publishing a series of interviews with Yale leaders about the university’s response to the pandemic. We debut with President Peter Salovey.

Amid coronavirus crisis, Yale scientists find useful tool in Twitter

March 16, 2020
Twitter users seeking expertise in an uncertain time are turning to Yale professors like Howard Forman, Akiko Iwasaki, and Nathan Grubaugh.

A deep dive into the upward mobility of rocks

March 16, 2020
Yale geologists have identified the deepest pieces of Earth’s crust ever found in the United States or Canada — in the rolling hills of northern Connecticut.

Tracking the pandemic means finding the ‘canaries in the coalmine’

March 13, 2020
Social scientist and physician Nicholas A. Christakis discusses how, amid a pandemic, human nature can hurt us — and how it could help.