February 2020 News

A portable MRI might help save your life, especially after a stroke

February 28, 2020
Logistics have long kept doctors from getting the brain imaging they need in time-sensitive situations. But now Yale doctors have deployed a novel solution.

New drugs on the horizon for stroke and hydrocephalus

February 26, 2020
Research coming out of Yale has identified a compound that could be developed into a drug to reduce swelling in many brain injuries, including stroke.

New outbreaks of coronavirus can be halted with isolation measures

February 26, 2020
A study by Yale SOM’s Edward Kaplan predicts that isolating infected patients and detecting new cases early can prevent outbreaks of coronavirus.

Heart disease in women: How pregnancy, menopause, and more affect risk

February 25, 2020
Paradigms about heart attacks were, until recently, primarily based on men. Dr. Erica Spatz weighs in on the particular risks and symptoms faced by women.

Benefits, risks of sharing electronic health records examined by Yale panel

February 25, 2020
The panel discussed the need to access electronic health data to advance medicine and save lives with the right of individuals to privacy and protection.

Device mimics the mangrove’s water-purifying power

February 21, 2020
Yale researchers have created a new device for desalinating water and separating laboratory solutions by learning from the subtropical mangrove tree.

Study: Drug has long-term survival benefit for some lung cancer patients

February 21, 2020
The results of a large global study show even a tiny amount of a biomarker known as PD-L1 can predict a long-term survival benefit from using pembrolizumab.